A Competence Boost

With the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Occupational Health and Safety highlighting in 2015 that 500,000 commercial properties and one million homes contain some form of asbestos containing materials (ACMs), it is estimated by the HSE that over one million tradespeople are at risk of coming into contact with asbestos while at work.  These startling statistics show the importance of minimising health risks in sectors such as construction that have at times been known for their negligence and/or complacent attitude when it comes to handling asbestos or ACMs.

While necessary training is provided to any worker who is likely to disturb asbestos during their day-to-day work, it takes the implementation of skills, instruction and on-the-job learning to become a competent member of staff. Following training, key information on asbestos can also be found at http://www.hse.gov.uk/, with segments on the site including the dangers of asbestos, where asbestos can be found, who is at risk of asbestos related illnesses and disease and advice on how to work safely with the deadly carcinogenic.

One piece of advice is particularly relevant to significantly minimising health risks for those involved in a project: should a tradesman feel suspicious that something within a property may contain asbestos or that work may need to be carried out by a licensed contractor such as ARG, it is in both the employee’s and their teams interest to stop work and speak to their boss or the building owner. By respecting the dangers of damaged asbestos, the employee will help minimise risk and further ensure everyone in the area remains safe and healthy, not only during the project but also 40 to 50 years down the line when the symptoms of asbestos exposure begin to show.

Should asbestos removal be required, ARG Group has a long history in this field and was in fact one of the first asbestos companies to be licensed by the HSE in 1983. To ensure optimum levels of quality and safety throughout a project, all removal work is undertaken in compliance to the most up-to-date UK asbestos regulations as well as the HSE regulations and guidance for the removal of asbestos. Furthermore, the fact our staff are fully trained and have a comprehensive knowledge of their obligations when it comes to health and safety ensures no one, from our employees to the house owners, is at risk from our working activity.

We have also developed a first class reputation for working in partnership with our clients, which enables us to meet the demands and time constraints that can be required by the discovery of asbestos in a property.

Although it may appear easier to cut corners during projects, the dangers of asbestos for those in the relevant industries is not to be sniffed at. In fact, asbestos kills approximately 5000 workers each year, with around 20 tradesmen each week dying as a result of past exposure. With asbestos still present in any building that has been built or refurbished before 2000, adherence to health and safety standards will help to lower these devastating numbers over time and prevent the premature deaths of workers in the future.

By operating in a manner that meets the rules and regulations of organisations such as the HSE, ACAD, ARCA and UKATA, both employers and their employees within the construction industry will help enforce a competent environment of awareness and compliance that will ultimately ensure an enhanced working environment and a better quality of life for those at risk of working with asbestos.

Should you require an asbestos survey or asbestos removal, contact ARG. With our long-term experience and commitment to customer satisfaction each and every time, we have the skills, experience and flexibility to turn a problem into an opportunity to succeed.

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