Proceeding with Caution

Following the UK Asbestos Trading Association’s (UKATA) successful Train Safe, Work Safe, Keep Safe campaign in 2015, which saw tradesmen benefit from hours of free asbestos safety training, the campaign for 2016 is now underway. Forming part of UKATA’s continued commitment to providing clarity on the importance of using a competent training provider, the campaign also focuses on the HSE’s belief that workers and supervisors alike must be trained appropriately to ensure they are not only able to recognise ACMs, but also know how to handle encountering asbestos in a safe and careful manner.

With nearly 400,000 asbestos training courses delivered over recent years, the trend of fighting the dangers of asbestos exposure with knowledge is set to continue with UKATA members giving free asbestos training to small traders and individuals in 2016 to highlight the dangers of operating in locations that have asbestos fibres.

Although it is a material no longer used in the UK, asbestos remains a critical public health issue in the country as it is embedded in our homes, offices, shops, hospitals and schools, many of which are coming to the end of their useful life or are in need of renovation. With so many ageing buildings rife with the potential dangers of asbestos in the UK, courses such as those offered by UKATA are a necessary tool in ensuring optimum levels of health and safety compliance in the workplace.

This knowledge is certain to come in handy within a number of industries, particularly following a number of negative articles involving a range of organisations in July 2016 alone. In more detail, these articles include a Hertfordshire-based home improvement company being fined for unsafely removing asbestos material from a domestic property, an Essex school receiving a fine for disturbing asbestos during refurbishment and maintenance activities and a motor manufacturer being fined following the discovery of asbestos containing boards. Not only emphasising the insidious nature of asbestos in many properties and sectors throughout the UK, these news stories also express the importance of sharing knowledge to an increasingly wider range of organisations and people to ensure anyone who come across the deadly carcinogen is aware of the dangers and knows how to handle the situation safely.

For those due to undertake any DIY work, renovations or construction work on a property, it is important to remember that the best way to stay protected is to have an asbestos survey of the property before work of any kind takes place. This will make the duty holder and others aware of the accurate locations of asbestos within a building and thus ensure the safety of employees, contractors and the general public. We at ARG provide two types of survey for asbestos containing materials, a non-intrusive management survey and a full intrusive refurbishment/demolition survey. Should higher risk asbestos containing materials be found, we at ARG can conduct efficient, competent and cost effective asbestos removal services.

As one of the first asbestos companies to be licensed by the HSE in 1983, we at ARG are proud of our first-class reputation for providing the very best service to our customers through continuous improvement of our operations and a commitment to meeting new legislative requirements. By ensuring our fully trained staff know their health and safety obligations, we can confidently find solutions to problems safely, all while keeping disruption and cost to a minimum.

Should those in London and the South East of England require asbestos survey and removal services, contact ARG for high quality, cost efficient solutions.

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